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Monday, 7 April 2008

Bux.to Idol Competition + My Bux.to MasterCard Arrives!

It's been a while since my last update, so I thought I'd better update everyone as to what's going on over at Bux.to...well,they are working on the launch of the new site & script which should be ready by mid aApril apparently so watch this space (see my last post for screen shot of the new website design)

Today I received my Bux.to Mastercard from Payoneer! (see screenshots below) My card is activated now & ready to be topped up. I have changed my 'AlertPay Email' to the new one which is username@buxcard.net My previously pending payment to Alertpay will now be paid to my card. This is great news as AlertPay have been having problems with mass payments for quite a while now & they don't seem to be doing anything to fix this, so the Bux.to MasterCard is a stroke of genius in that respect!

Bux.to has only yesterday announced that they are holding a 'Pop-Idol' style competition where by the members have a chance to write a song about Bux.to! I would love to have a chance to do this but I really haven't got the time to do it unfortunatley but this is going to be great for Bux.to & especially the winner who will receive a whopping 5,000 (yes FIVE THOUSAND) referalls. More news about the competition is below:


"This is your chance to show yourself to the world!

Your task is to create a song or/and a video clip about Bux.to

It can be anything or any style. Content should be appropriate for all ages, this means adult contents are forbidden. If the content is found to be unappropriate, your submissions will be withdrawn. Due to the large audience Bux.to has, this is a great chance for you to show yourself to an extremely large audience. You may be the next Super Star

The whole Bux.to community will be voting for the best Song and best Movie. Each will win 5,000 referrals!

Deadline for submission will be 6PM GMT - Friday 25th of April
Voting will start on April 26th for one week.

Act today!


Once you submitted your song or video to Bux.to you automatically accepted that its contents will be surrendered to Bux.to and remain the sole and exclusive property of Bux.to
You may not give or sell the song or video to any other third party. If you are found to be guilty of doing so, Bux.to will take action against you.

Winners acknowledge that we will use related information about them for marketing proposes.

© Bux.to / BuxStudios.com (coming soon)"

BuxStudios.com? Hmmm.. interesting, can't wait to hear some more news on that one!

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Sneaky Peak at New Bux.to Design + Debit Card Payments Already Being Made!

Well this is the news most of us have been waiting for on the Bux.to forum - The news that the new coding for the new website design is 98% completed now & they have already paid members to their new Bux.to MasterCard's! - This is quicker than I expected I wasn't expecting members to be paid so soon, but this just shows how hard all the staff at Bux.to have been working for the last couple of months. There are also Bux.to nominations for 'VIP' members at the moment, a new status introduce about three weeks ago. Members that have this status on the forums seem to be always there, knowledgable, helpful & polite - So if you spend most of your days on the forums & know a hell of a lot about Bux.to you're in with a shout - Good luck to all the nominations your contributions to the forums have been excellent & your nominations are greatly deserved. Here is the very latest update from Bux.to:

"1. Script is about 98% done, should be finished by end of next week. We're just finishing up the helpdesk module, with this module, when a member send support we will have all the necessary details. The current ticket support requires you to type in your details everytime you send etc. and we hope this will reduce spamming in the tickets and provide better support with faster response time. We will need 1 week to test after coding. Expected launch in mid April. You can see a 'sneek peak' of the new design in the attachment. New script at the moment has the best autoclicker detector available, if you use an autoclicker you will be ban.

2. Bux.to card payments initiated yesterday, serveral members have received their payments via Bux.to card. Please note there is may a couple of hours delay by notifying you and getting your Bux.to credit for. We continue to pay all the members, premium and free through AlertPay and card as you can see from their feedback. Minimum cashout request to card is $75. If the payment request is less than $75, it will be cancelled and you will have to place a new one."

Sneaky Peak At The New Bux.to Website Design..Go on..You know you want to..

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Bux.to Members Now Recieving MasterCard Debit Card

Well it was 19 day wait from applying for the Bux.to MasterCard, but finally I have been approved. It just goes to show how many applicants they must of had as their normal processing time is 2-5 business days. So know I can relax in the knowledge my card is on it's way to me. I was a bit worried as my passport expired in February & I only had my National Insurance Numbers as ID which worked out fine in the end. There are hundreds of members now that have been approved it may actually be in the thousands. For those that are still unsure about the new payment system I have put some links below to some of the forum posts on the official Bux.to forum of those that have been approved & those that have already received their cards.

My Payoneer Approval For Bux.to MasterCard:

Bux.to MasterCard Approved Thread
Bux.to MasterCard Received Thread
Bux.to MasterCard FAQ's Thread

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Bux.to Easter Quiz Results 26th March 2008

Here are the results of the Bux.to Easter Egg Hunt Competition the luck winners & the results of the competition are below. I spent about a hour trying to do this quiz but couldn't work it out at all! I think I surfed EVERY thread on the forum for clues but to no avail.. Oh well, roll on Easter 2009...

And The Winners Are:

1x500 - nipoon

4x100 - haydnscott - retkimora - JuriX - casla1982

5x35 - korbman - UWARRIOR - hagen199 - SK_WOOT - Ninjaxin

Congratulation! Refs will be added within 48 hours to your Bux.to account.

Hope you all enjoyed our Easter Quiz. More will follow throughout the year!

How the find the eggs/where were they:

There are serveral ways to find the basket eggs.
1. If you have a laptop, all you have to do is tilt your screen and you will see the basket.

2. Highlight the picture and you will see the basket, only works if you use IE or any browsers that support highlighting images.

3. Save the image to computer, use Photoshop or similiar image tool and it will give you a clear basket image

There are 15 eggs in the basket. 5 in the middle, 15 in total, making the answer basket 20

1 egg can be found by viewing source code: (right click on image & select 'properties'

the last egg is here: http://buxbb.com/index.php?showtopic=24753

22 is the final number, factorial it gives 1.1240007277776077e+21
times by 1024 gives 1150976745244270284800000"

Well done to all the lucky winners!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Bux.to & Payoneer Inundated With Questions About Card

Update 21st March: Bux.to Takes Well Deserved Easter Break - CLICK HERE

Admin on Bux.to's forum announced today that the overwhelming response to the release of the card has put them under agreat deal of pressure. Apparently many users have been bombarding the Live Support function with queries about the card. If those members would take 5 minutes to look on the Bux.to forums they will see that there are special threads dedicated to the new card. With all this extra workload put on Payoneer staff, Bux.to issued a warning today about repeated questions & live support tickets being put to the staff of both companies. In short if this carries on it looks like Payoneer may pull the plug on the debit card. Please, if you want to find a answer to your questions regarding the Bux.to MasterCard please go here: Ask About The Bux.to MasterCard HERE ONLY Please read the below statement carefully it is very important all members are 'clued up' on this issue:

"1. We have received feedback from Payoneer that they have been receiving an enormous amount of customer support calls regarding payment timing to card. We need to stop this. We cannot bombard them with hundreds of emails or live chat sessions as we are not the only customer. Please do not bother Payoneer in regards to Bux.to payments, they cannot help you. If we leave this as it is we will lose Payoneer. They cannot deal with hundreds of Bux.to members question about the payment.

For now we are setting a temporally date to stop this. First card payment will be made to within next week in normal payment cycle 30 business days for premium. Payment term will be updated and hopefully lowered as soon as the new script is released. We are in process to change main points in regards to the payment in our TOS but maybe not ready before we launch the new script.

Since we are all waiting for the new script, but still like to continue with payments and especially making payments to you via new method through Bux.to MasterCard, we need to extemporize: If you received your card and passed the activation process please make sure that you update your Bux.to profile that you payment address is shown as follow:

1. Go to My Profile - http://bux.to/profile.php
2. In the AlertPay Address For Payments put YourBuxUsername@buxcard.net

Don't worry, it will still shown as "AlertPay", when we make payments to you and see the @buxcard.net, we will pay to the card instead of AlertPay.

We are trying to pay faster but seems very difficult to organise unless we have the new script. Right now no matter if it is card or AlertPay, the payout term/cycle remains unchanged, 30 business days. If you continue to bother Payoneer, we may consider to close this payment channel. Maybe with the new script we will add additional services such as priorty payments or similar. At the moment things are going way too fast.

2. Chargeback/Refund: Please note if there is a chargeback or refund, accounts will be suspended. Under no circumstance will those accounts be reinstated.

3. New staff started work today. Still not ready since they need to be trained. They will introduce themself in the forum by this week. Right now, it may take up to 7 business days to solve any problem. Please use the same email address in your Bux profile when you pay for refs or upgrade your account to avoid delays "

Bux.to members please take some weight off the staff & stop asking questions that have already been answered. Check the Bux.to forum HERE for answers regarding the Bux.to MasterCard.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Bux.to News & Announcements Update 16th March 2008

Not a great deal to report at the moment, but it looks like the cashouts to the new Bux.to MasterCard will be starting from next week. I am still awaiting my Bux.to MasterCard but I did apply 24 hours after the announcement was made & I live in the UK so I hope to get mine soon, some members from USA & some European countries have already received these cards . find out who has received their cards & FAQ about the Bux.to Debit Card HERE. The announcement made on the forum regarding when we can start to cash out + privacy news is below:

1. Payment to card will start next week. If you are planning to cashout now, don't, wait until the card payment option is available. Details of this will come soon.

2. We want to stress the privacy issue again, please do NOT put your email on this forum. We've seen topics people asking for help along with that their email and other personal information. Post your email here do not help, it will only increases spam and risk of your account getting hacked through phising. Use http://www.buxtosupport.com/

In the next few days, we'll be implementing another feature to the forum to block people from posting up their emails as another layer of protection for privacy.

I'm guessing that the new script & new look Bux.to website will also be ready once the new cashout script is integrated.. Right.. now I'm gonna get on to Live Support & find out where my MasterCard is!...

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Bux.to News & Announcements Update 13th March 2008

So it's been a week since the Bux.to MasterCard was officialy released & the majority of the hype & hysetria has passed thankfully - after reading so many of the same questions & answers on the Bux.to forum I myself became a involuntary unofficially certified Payoneer expert! Anyway for those of you that like to have your finger on the pulse & like to know exactly what Bux.to is upto here is the lastest Bux.to news announcement:

"1. We are disappointed with AlertPay, mass pay doesn't work again. We're still trying but cannot pay hundreds individually. Please aware there will be delay with payments through AlertPay.

2. By this weekend, I will be revising the current forum's spam system. As you know, banned sites are automatically convert to "bux.to". This seems to raise alot of confusions so I will change this to "Bux Banned Site" to avoid any further confusion that might arise."

Well AlertPay has disappointed me, I thought they would have got this sorted by now. It has been two months since the change from Paypal to Alertpay. Thank goodness for the pre-paid MasterCard. I don't think AlertPay are quite as well equipped for the huge surge in business as MasterCard. I for one would not be too bothered in Bux.to ended their relationship with AlertPay it was only a knee-jerk reaction to have them anyway really. My MasterCard is still under-review so I hope to get approved any day now & hope this will shorten the payout waiting times, which it is intended to do. Watch this space folks for more Bux.to News, Reviews & FAQ's!